How I feel about Scrapbooking

How I feel about it

Oh boy, I may ruffle some feathers here… but I’m keeping it real and just speaking my truth. I will start by saying that this is just my opinion, and everyone’s life is so different. We all have different talents, different desires, different goals, and different resources…

I began scrapbooking in 1998, which also happened to be the year my first child was born. I did enjoy it at first. It was a creative outlet for me. It wasn’t impossible to keep on just one child’s book, however, I had another baby two years later, and that is when I began to really feel the burden. I was a busy mom of two littles, now double the documenting too.

Problem #1

I remember one day when I had stayed up way into the late hours and worked for about 6 hours on scrapbooks. I was a mess the next day. Useless to my kids. I realized all of this was for 4 scrapbook pages. Yep I had completed 4. Ok… so maybe I was not doing it right, but this happened all of the time. Yes, the pages that I had completed were darling, but I was just having the hardest time justifing the time spent on these pages. The time that I was spending scrapbooking was time that I could be playing with my kids, meal prep, cleaning, giving my husband some attention, feeding myself spiritually, etc!!!

Problem #2

They were not pretty on the shelf. Ok, maybe this doesn’t bother you. By the time my 3rd baby was born I had about 10 BIG 3 ring binders that were dirty, falling apart, wouldn’t stand up straight, and quite frankly looked yuck on my pretty shelves.

Problem #3

They were taking up so much room on my shelves. I remember thinking, “ok, so do the math. I’ve been scrapbooking for about 3 years and I have 10 huge books. What in the world is this going to look like in 5 years? 10?” With all of the embellishing and layers of paper, not to mention that every page has a double layer of plastic, these babies are BULKY!!

Problem #4

So after baby number three I just did not have any free time for this. Enter the digital photography era. My photos started getting stashed on CDs for a later time when I could develop pics and put them into books. I had pages of scrapbooks that were just photos stashed into sleeve protectors. I really thought I was going to “get back to” them (never happened)… therefore I didn’t even want people to look at my scrapbooks because they were never really done.

So I gave a shot at just printing 4×6 photos and sliding them into albums… but I missed the journaling that I did much better on the scrapbook pages.

In conclusion…

Scrapbooks, for me were…

  • Too time consuming
  • Ugly binders
  • Too bulky
  • Mine were never finished (personal problem)

I didn’t even mention how mad I am at myself for taking the only photos I have from our honeymoon and cutting my husband and myself out of the photos. Like literally cut around our bodies and glued them to pages. Did this to a lot of our wedding photos too. What was I thinking. You know if you were there at the beginning of the scrapbook era that you did this too. Hahaha.

What I did with my scrapbooks

I have 4 scrapbooks left intact… My husbands from his youth, and mine from my youth. Those were pretty-much done. I did buy some nicer black leather 3ring binders (still too bulky).

Everything else from the day I got married I took all apart. (I can hear you gasping) Ok, so I don’t think this is right for everybody! If you have finished books, and did this for 10 years, I would not do this. But mine still had so much work to do in them, and for all of the reasons stated above, it was the right move for me. I scanned them all into my computer, and I am now putting digital books together. Much faster! Much cheaper (even with the cost of a nice quality hardbound photo-book I am saving SO much money).

The beautiful hard-bound books are also a fraction of the width and weight. They are so classy looking and my friends and family actually pick them up and love to look through.

The closest thing that I have to scrapbooking now is one little journal that I keep. It’s a black leather medium size journal with thick white blank pages. Once in a while I will print out some photos that are special to me and hand write the feelings I have about that photo. I do think it will be nice to leave something to my kids with my own handwriting. It is strictly a photo and journaling. No embellishments! No backing the photo! No stickers! Just a glue-stick and my favorite black ink pen. SIMPLE, QUICK, BEAUTIFUL.

If you would like to see how I am keeping family photo-journals now, check out this post.

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